Two children are still missing after flooding in Smithfield, North Carolina. Johnston County officials say they managed to rescue a woman from the car, but the two children she was with have not been found.

Around 11:30 p.m. on Monday night, a woman called 911 to report that floodwaters brought her car into the creek. She and her two children were inside. Smithfield Fire Chief John Blanton confirmed that while she was rescued, the kids are still missing, WRAL reports.

The brutal conditions stopped the search effort after four rescue boats capsized. All the rescuers made their way to safety. Blanton said it was unusual to lose four boats. The fire chief said debris was a major problem with boats capsizing after hitting trees.

“The water was so turbulent that the [rescue] boat capsized and they lost the child,” Blanton said, WTVD reports. “They were able to regain the mother. During the efforts to recover or find the children, they lost four boats. This morning, search efforts have gone out. They have located the vehicle and there's no one in the vehicle, so they're continuing the search this morning.”

In a press conference before 9 a.m., officials emphasized that it is still considered a search effort, not a recovery mission. They asked for thoughts and prayers as their search continues on Tuesday. A helicopter will join their efforts once the fog clears.