• Two deaths were reported as a result of severe weather in the South
  • Several weather warnings are still in place in some areas
  • Severe weather is expected to move to the Mid-Atlantic by Thursday

Several strong storms and tornadoes ripped through parts of the South on Tuesday, resulting in two deaths. The severe weather downed trees and damaged facilities. The National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center (WPC) has warned that harsh weather conditions are likely through Thursday.

Two tornadoes reported in Georgia on Tuesday left one person dead. Bryan County Coroner Bill Cox confirmed the death but no further details were provided, CNN reported. Another death linked to a storm was reported in Whitehouse, East Texas, after a tree fell on an RV. The victim’s identity was not revealed.

In Allendale County, South Carolina, at least three people were reported to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries. So far, there have been no known storm deaths in the area, said Brandon LaVorgna, a spokesperson for the South Carolina Emergency Management Division.

A total of five tornadoes swept through Mississippi on Tuesday morning, the New York Times reported. The NWS in Jackson said the affected areas included Covington, Jefferson Davis, Newton, and Scott Counties.

In Atlanta, Georgia, storms resulted in heavy flooding on metro Atlanta roadways Tuesday afternoon, WSB-TV reported. Several watches issued earlier in the day were canceled, but new others have been announced.

Winter Storm Warning (until Friday morning)

  • Duluth, Minnesota
  • Northern Cook and Lake
  • Southern Cook and Southern Lake Counties

Storm Warning (through Wednesday afternoon)

  • Juneau, Alaska

Flood Watch (through Thursday morning)

  • Peachtree City, Georgia
  • Tallahassee, Florida

The National Weather Service warned of “yet another day of severe thunderstorms” expected for Wednesday “across the #Southeast section of the U.S.” The agency said Wednesday’s storms will likely bring heavy rain, a few tornadoes, and damaging winds. The agency also placed Atlanta, Birmingham, and Chattanooga under enhanced risk Level 3.

Meanwhile, the WPC said it is expecting “severe thunderstorms and excessive rainfall over parts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic through Thursday.” In the Upper Midwest, a “multi-day wet snow event” has been forecasted. For Wednesday, the Storm Prediction Center issued an Enhanced Risk of severe thunderstorms that will affect parts of the Southeast and the Central Gulf Coast, as well as the Southeast and Southern Appalachians. By Thursday, severe thunderstorms are expected to move across the Mid-Atlantic Coast, with a Slight Risk of severe thunderstorms.

The WPC said hazards associated with the weather this week will bring severe thunderstorm wind gusts, tornadoes, frequent lightning, and hail.

A home in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, four days after tornadoes hit the area
A home in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, four days after tornadoes hit the area AFP / Chandan KHANNA