• The men witnessed the crash and jumped in action to save the family
  • Louisiana State Police thanked the Good Samaritans for their deed
  • One of the two men thanked everyone on Facebook for their messages

Two Louisiana men are being hailed heroes for rescuing a family, including two children, from a sinking car in a marshy canal following a crash.

The incident took place on LA Highway 182 near LA Highway 662 in Assumption Parish just after 8 a.m. Wednesday. The heroic men, identified as Jeff Lapeyrouse and Chase Dupre, were driving down the highway in separate cars when they witnessed the family's SUV swerve into the canal, Biloxi Sun Herald reported.

Inside the SUV was a family of four that included two kids, Louisiana State Police said in a news release, adding that the car "quickly became submerged in water" after swerving off the road and entering the canal. The family was unable to open the car's doors and come out of it due to the thick marsh and mud in the canal.

Showing impeccable presence of mind, Lapeyrouse pulled over his vehicle along the road and rushed to the family's aide. Dupre also stopped to help, and the two of them jumped into the canal. They managed to pry open the vehicle's door and release the four occupants before bringing them to safety.

The police agency recognized Lapeyrouse in the news release. "Louisiana State Police Troop C is thankful for the efforts of Mr. Lapeyrouse. His quick action and willingness to help prevent this crash from becoming a tragedy," it noted.

Lapeyrouse also posted about the incident on his Facebook account, noting that he was grateful for the recognition he has been getting. However, he made it clear that he did not singlehandedly save the family. Sharing Louisiana State Police's news release, he wrote about Dupre who, according to him, also deserves to be recognized for his heroic deed.

"I'm overwhelmed with texts, calls, and messages. They are all greatly appreciated, but I am far from a hero, just another guy that did what many others would have done!" he wrote. "There was another man, Chase Dupre, who also jumped in to save the family. He was the man that got the door open and then we were able to get the family out safely. I want to make sure he gets the recognition, because without him there, I don't know if things would have turned out the same!!"

The police agency later updated its news release, announcing that the second Good Samaritan has been identified. "After the original news release, Louisiana State Police Troop C learned of a second Good Samaritan who stopped to help Mr. Lapeyrouse save a family from drowning when their vehicle entered a canal and became submerged," it said.

TROOP C NEWS RELEASE UPDATE December 7, 2022Second Good Samaritan Identified in Assumption Parish Life Saving ActAfter the original news release, Louisiana State Police Troop C learned of a...

"Initially, the second person's identity was unknown. Troopers were able to eventually identify Chase Dupre of Chauvin as the second person who stopped with Mr. Lapeyrouse after witnessing the crash," it continued.

"Louisiana State Police Troop C is thankful for both of these men who selflessly entered a dangerous situation to help save the lives of many," it added.

Meanwhile, the identities of the rescued family members weren't released by the authorities.

Representative image of a marsh Rudy and Peter Skitterians/Pixabay