• Neighbors called 911 after they saw the children being chased
  • One of the children screamed "she is trying to kill us" 
  • The police have not revealed the identity of the suspect yet

A Minnesota woman was arrested for chasing and attacking her two children Wednesday morning.

One of the two children had been critically injured. The police were called to Lake View Alcove at Woodbury, Minneapolis, by a resident who said the unidentified woman was chasing the children, a statement by Woodbury Police read.

Screams could be heard in the background during the multiple 911 calls made in connection with the incident. Upon arrival, the officers found a boy, believed to be around six years old, with the 911 caller. The child had "minor to moderate" injuries.

Officers then located another child, a girl, believed to be between four and six years old, lying in the street unresponsive. She was reportedly bleeding from a head injury. Both the children were rushed to Regions Hospital for treatment.

John Altman, the police commander for Woodbury Public Safety, told CBS Minnesota the girl is believed to be in a critical condition, while the boy suffered bruising and possibly a broken wrist.

Authorities then took the woman into custody. Neighbors said she was the children's mother, though the police have not yet identified her. There are no other suspects and no further threats to the public, the statement read.

Sundus Abdi, a witness, told Twin Cities one of the children screamed "she is trying to kill us" as the woman began attacking them. Abdi said two other onlookers also saw the woman hitting the children. The woman then tried to threaten the onlookers with a kitchen knife.

Another witness claimed they tried to block the woman from reaching her son. "We stopped her and told her to calm down. She just stood up, stared at us, and went back to the house," said Yordanos Kidane, a neighbor told CBS Minnesota.

According to the residents, the woman had moved in recently. She also has another child, who was asleep inside the house at the time of the incident.

Neighbors said the woman never showed interest in being part of their social group. A resident had earlier called the police on the woman for harassment like persistently knocking on her door, sometimes for hours.

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