Two women delivered babies in a parking lot of the same outlet of Burger King in New Jersey, just a day apart. And the coincidence was the same first responders helped in both the deliveries, reports said.

Denville Police said they responded to a call Friday night regarding a woman going into a labor at the restaurant. They said the woman's parents were on their way to hospital, however, they had to pull over after they got stuck in traffic, according to WYFF, a NBC-affiliate.

Volunteer firefighter Rich Yobs and his crew were called at around 7:30 p.m. EDT. “Contractions came full force, and next thing you know, the water’s breaking and baby’s on its way,” Yobs said. He added that within few minutes, the delivery was done. 

It was a coincidence that Yobs and his crew got another call from the same restaurant the next day again and for the same reason. Yobs laughed and said: "We look at our pagers and go: ‘This is a joke.' This can’t be — two nights in a row, the same exact thing." 

On both the days, the expectant mothers gave birth to healthy baby boys. The first responders expressed their joy at the deliveries. “It’s excitement — pure excitement,” Yobs exclaimed, according to CBS New York. "The adrenaline is a rush." 

But these kind of deliveries at restaurants and shopping malls in the United States are not unheard of. In July, a South Carolina woman gave birth during a break at a restaurant where she worked. However, with the help of the baby's grandmother, she dumped her newborn in the trash, reports said citing police. The infant later died at a hospital, the police told, a tabloid television newsmagazine.

In December, a woman gave birth at a McDonald's store on Tamiami Trail in Miami, Florida. Customers were casually giving their orders when they heard screams and among them, luckily, was a nurse. “A man came out of the bathroom screaming, ‘she’s pregnant! She’s pregnant!’” said April Jones, the nurse who was present at the restaurant at that time.

Jones instantly responded to the scream. She said when she got inside the bathroom, the expectant woman was already in labor. Jones quickly made a makeshift base by putting down two jackets and placing the woman on top of that, according to MySuncoast, an ABC-affiliate.

“It all happened very fast,” the nurse said. “She pushed, then pushed again and the baby was out. At first, he was blue and not breathing. That’s when the paramedics came.”

In February 2016, a homeless woman in California gave birth at a fast food restaurant's restroom and then abandoned her newborn there. The matter came to light when the police followed a trail of blood leading from the restaurant. The baby was lying in toilet water and crying. “Employees went inside and saw an umbilical cord hanging out of the toilet,” West Covina Police spokesman Rudy Lopez told Fox11. “Then they found the baby in the toilet.”