• Luke Wayne Killough was with his sister when he fell into a hot tub
  • His sister tried to save him before alerting their father
  • The child fought for his life but was declared brain dead Friday

A 2-year-old boy who died after falling into a hot tub at a hotel in East Texas will give new lease of life to six other children. His family has agreed to donate his organs after the child's death.

Luke Wayne Killough was pronounced brain dead Friday at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. His family decided to keep his body alive so that his organs, including heart, kidneys and eyes, could be donated to save other children, reports CBS 19.

Relatives said two children will get his kidney, another will get Luke's heart and one child, who is blind, will get his eyes. His skin also will be donated.

Chris Helms, the child's uncle, posted on the family's GoFundMe page that Luke's blood type was a universal donor.

"Luke was the most beautiful soul and a light on our darkest days. His loss is the most painful experience we will ever know, but when there is darkness there is also light. Luke was able to donate to other kids that were in his same situation. Luke's blood type was also a universal donor. Because of his sacrifice, more children could be saved bringing light into their families' darkest days, which is what my baby boy does," he said.

"All donations will be applied to Luke's memorial and his memory with any excess funds being used for services to help his older sister Tabitha and his baby brother Gabriel adjust to the loss of their brother," the post read.

The incident happened on April 25. Luke was with his 4-year-old sister Tabitha at Kilgore Holiday Inn and Suites when he fell into the hot tub. Tabitha tried to pull her brother out. She then rushed to her father and told him her brother was floating face down. Their father, Scott, performed CPR on the child. He helped Luke throw up a banana nut muffin that had got stuck in his throat.

The child was then airlifted to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. He was in a coma. Doctors had said his brain functions were "minimal."

"They had their floaties but they weren't on. Scotty told them to wait by the pool gate while he went up and got the bottle for the baby. He had just propped the bottle and was bringing Gabriel to the pool when Tabitha told him what happened," the child's mother, Dominique Killough, told Tyler Morning Telegraph.

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