A 2-year-old child, who was initially thought to be suffering from constipation, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

The diagnosis came after the child from Newcastle in the U.K. was rushed to a hospital for treatment. According to News 7, Kodie-Joe Robson had been suffering from constipation for eight days before he was taken to the accident and emergency division of the hospital. The doctors there performed an x-ray, which revealed the 2-year-old had a lump in his stomach.

“After multiple blood tests and being transferred to RVI, they sedated him and send him for a CT scan where our worst nightmare was confirmed and we were told he has a cancerous tumor in his stomach,” a GoFundMe page set up by the child's aunt read.

Kodie-Joe is reportedly suffering from high-grade neuroblastoma, which affects only about 100 British children each year. In the U.S., about 800 children are diagnosed annually with neuroblastoma.

The GoFundMe, set up in February, was aimed at collecting funds for his treatment which included surgery, stem cell therapy and chemotherapy. As of Monday, the fundraiser has reached nearly $6,000.

"Kodie has been taken back into hospital with a suspected infection after having a temperature of 39.5. On Thursday 1st of April, Kodie was put under general anesthetic and had a bone marrow biopsy taken from both hips to monitor his diseases progression. He has had a good few days at home Until being taken in to hospital tonight," the latest update by the child's aunt, Shae Robson, read.

Earlier Shae had mentioned that doctors have told the family the child has a 50% chance of survival, and if he makes it, "there’s a 50% chance it’ll come back.”

“We are absolutely devastated to say the least! But I know he’s got this! He’s so strong and we’re all behind him," she wrote.

In an update on March 22, Shae wrote: "Kodie has had a small operation to remove and preserve his sperm cells as the chemo he is receiving will destroy all his cells. This unfortunately means the chances of him having his own children are next to none as this procedure has never worked on males before. We are very hopeful though and at least he has the option to try when he is older if he wants!"

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Doctor's office Robyn Wright/ Pixabay