New York City's Times Square came in second on the list of the locations most captured on Instagram. Reuters

As the year winds down, photo-sharing site Instagram has offered a glimpse into the places that have most fascinated users throughout 2013.

For the second consecutive year, the expansive Sim Paragon shopping complex in Bangkok has landed the top spot for the most Instagrammed location, reports the New York Daily News. And when it comes to the most Instagrammed city, it's pretty much no suprise that New York City claimed that title.

Look at the full list of locations and places below, enhanced with some recent photos taken by IG users.

The top 10 most Instagrammed locations of 2013:

1. Siam Paragon shopping mall, Bangkok, Thailand

2. Times Square, New York, NY, USA

3. Disneyland California, USA

4. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas, NV, USA

5. Disney World Florida, USA

6. Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA

7. Central Park, New York, NY, USA

8. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA

9. Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, Thailand

10. The High Line, New York, NY, USA

The most-Instagrammed cities of 2013:

1. New York City, NY, USA

2. Bangkok, Thailand

3. Los Angeles, CA, USA

4. London, UK

5. São Paulo, Brazil

6. Moscow, Russia

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8. San Diego, CA, USA

9. Las Vegas, NV, USA

10. San Francisco, CA, USA