• Apple's products are known for their quality and expensive prices
  • The new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is now being sold with a discount
  • The AirPods Pro can also be bought for its lowest ever price

While Apple's products are of top-notch quality, they are also known for their expensive price tags that make buying them worth thinking twice. Thankfully, discounts and deals abound, allowing buyers to spend less to get Cupertino's products.

Those who are looking to get the new Magic Keyboard for the 2020 iPad Pro can now get it for less than it costs. Those who are looking to snag a new pair of AirPods Pro, on the other hand, can also get it for less as well. Here's how:

Magic Keyboard

Apple's new Magic Keyboard for the 2020 iPad Pro currently sells for $299, but those who get it via Amazon can get it for $289.98, which is about $10 less than the original price, 9To5Toys reported. The discount might not be as big as some would hope, but considering that the accessory was released very recently, it's still worth it.

The new Magic Keyboard will significantly enhance the 2020 iPad Pro user experience. It uses the more reliable scissor mechanism, which means buttons will last longer and will provide a better feel when typing. The built-in trackpad will allow users to maximize the mouse support in the latest iPadOS version, and will let the new device work like a real laptop replacement.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard
The new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro Apple

The new Magic Keyboard features a new hinge design that lets the iPad Pro “float” like a desktop monitor, giving users a real desktop feel. It also features a USB-C port that allows charging the device while working. What's more, the new accessory is compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro, which means users won't have to spend much to upgrade it.

Get the new Magc Keyboard for only $289.98 via Amazon. The price only applies to the 11-inch version.

AirPods Pro

Apple's nifty audio device, which originally costs $250, can now be bought for only $224.99 via Verizon. This price is lower than Amazon's $234.95, and is the lowest of any AirPods Pro sale prices reported to date, Tom's Guide noted.

Those who get the AirPods Pro will enjoy active noise cancellation and the convenience of easy integration with other Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and more.