• Apple has just released its new MacBook Air
  • The new MacBook Air features improved CPU and graphics performance
  • It also has bigger storage and a lower selling price compared to the previous generation

Cupertino tech giant Apple has just released its newest MacBook Air model. The new machine features better specs which can be expected to result in improved performance. The tech company also improved on a few key specs and features, making the device a good choice for those who are looking for a new laptop. Here's a quick look at the new MacBook Air's specs and features.

Faster CPU performance

Apple said the new MacBook Air boasts of faster CPU performance thanks to new innards. The base unit is powered by a 10th-gen 1.1GHz Core i3 processor. Those looking for more processing power can spec the laptop up to a 10th-gen 1.2GHz Core i7 processor. This is definitely better compared to the previous generation which, as per Apple Insider, can only be specced up to a Core i5.

Faster graphics performance

Apple also said the new MacBook Air boasts of up to 80% faster graphics performance. This is thanks to a new Intel Iris Plus graphics, which also provides support for up to a 6k external display including the Apple Pro Display XDR.

A better, more reliable keyboard

The new MacBook Air also features the new Magic Keyboard, which was first introduced on the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The new keyboard uses a scissor mechanism, which is definitely more reliable compared to the butterfly mechanism used on the previous generation as well as older MacBooks.

Bigger Storage

Apple upgraded the MacBook Air's storage capacity. Now, the base model starts at 256GB SSD, which is double the 128GB base storage from the previous generation. This can be maxed at 2TB, which is double the 1TB storage from the older model.

Less battery life

If there's one thing that Apple didn't upgrade, it's the MacBook Air's battery life. The new model is expected to last up to 11 hours of use, which is one hour less compared to the 12 hours of battery life that the older model was capable of. Still, as Apple Insider pointed out, having an hour less battery life shouldn't be a deal-breaker considering how the new machine has better specs and performance.

Price drop

Thankfully, while the new MacBook Air has less battery life, it also has a lower price compared to the previous generation at launch. The new model will sell for $999 for the base model. Even more interestingly, Education pricing starts at $899. These prices make it cheaper compared to the older model that sold for $1,099 and more.

Apple MacBook Air Apple MacBook Air Photo: Apple