Each week, fans of "20/20" tune in to see the popular ABC show cover a variety of topics, ranging from true crime to current events. Now, a new "20/20" podcast called "Cutthroat Inc." is also available for those who want a new way to explore true crime stories. Where can you hear it and what case will the new episodes cover?

According to ABC News, "Cutthroat Inc." will examine the events leading up to Christopher Smith's murder.

Prior to the crime, Smith's family had started receiving emails that were seemingly from Chris himself. In those messages, he stated that he was traveling the world and was safe. However, as time went on, they began to develop more concern about the correspondence, as they started to feel as though the emails were "gradually became stranger and stranger."

As stated by Patch.com, the family eventually devised a plan to ask the email sender personal questions that seemingly only Chris would know. After doing so, they did, in fact, receive the correct answers, but they still felt as though something wasn't right about the situation. At that time, they opted to speak with Chris's business partner, Edward Shin, to find out more.

Shin was eventually convicted of first-degree murder, with a special circumstance of killing for financial gain, after police discovered blood in the San Juan Capistrano office that the two had once shared.

In the new episodes of "Cutthroat Inc.", which will be hosted by ABC News chief national correspondent Matt Gutman, listeners will get a closer look at the entire case. The "stunning story of deception" is set to reveal mistrust and, ultimately, violence -- concealed for months by a convincing web of lies -- until a few determined investigators and a worried family unravel them."

"Cutthroat Inc." can be found on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and on the ABC site. A new episode of the free podcast will be released every Thursday.

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