• The incident took place in a Parking lot in San Bernardino Saturday night
  • A video of the incident went viral and sparked public outrage Monday
  • Police released a video showing the man drawing a gun Tuesday

San Bernardino, California, -- A 23-year-old Black man who was fatally shot in California while trying to run away from the police was armed at the time of the incident, according to a new video released by the authorities.

The incident, which took place at around 8 p.m. Saturday, made headlines Monday when surveillance footage of it made rounds online and sparked public outrage, The Guardian reported.

The said video shows the victim, identified as Robert Adams, standing in a San Bernardino parking lot and talking to a friend while an unmarked car with two officers drives up to him. As soon as the officers step out of the vehicle, Adams turns away and runs toward a nearby wall. Around five seconds later, one of the officers shoots Adams from a distance and he collapses to the ground between two parked cars and the wall.

Adams' family claimed that the officers did not identify themselves as cops. They also disputed claims that the man had a gun. "I could understand if he was a threat to them...But he was not a threat to them. He was running for his life," Adams' mother, Tamika Deavila, King said, as per CBS 12.

"[The officer] hunted him down like a dog. If [Adams] still had some life in him, the [the officer] probably would've finished the clip. So, when do we have justice for that?" Adams' stepfather, Audwin King, said, according to the outlet.

Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump posted the surveillance video on Twitter, demanding an investigation into the "execution-style" murder. "It's reported Robert didn't know there were police in the unmarked car before he ran for his life. We need a full investigation into this horrific execution!" he wrote in the caption.

Warning: This video might be disturbing to some viewers.

However, San Bernardino Police Department (SBPD) posted a new video of the incident Tuesday. Uploaded on the department's official Facebook page, the footage shows Adams drawing the weapon from his waistband and walking toward the police vehicle.

Warning: This video might be disturbing to some viewers.

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The department also said they expect to release more information, NBC Los Angeles reported.

SBPD earlier claimed that the cops were uniformed officers from a specialized unit who were investigating a complaint about an illegal gambling facility, adding that Adams was an armed felon and an unlicensed security guard for the said place, CBS 12 reported.

The department also said they received a report that Adams was found armed in the parking lot of the facility and they tried to give him verbal commands before he began to run.