A 25-year-old chef in Iraq died of severe burns after accidentally falling into a giant vat of chicken soup during a wedding.

The incident, which happened on June 15, was reported Wednesday by several Middle Eastern media outlets. The victim, identified as Issa Ismail, was preparing food in the kitchen of Hazel Hall for Weddings and Events – one of the biggest wedding venues in the district of Zakho – when the accident occurred. The father of three has been working as a cook for about eight years, Al Bawaba reported.

“He has been working as a cook for eight years. He cooked food at wedding parties, funerals and various ceremonies. For the last two years he has been working in party halls for 25,000 dinars (about $17) a day,” relative Zervan Hosni told local media.

The young chef was rushed to the local Dohuk Hospital after sustaining third degree burns to 70% of his body. He died five days later in the hospital from his injuries, Al Bawaba reported.

Chicken soup is a common dish served at Middle Eastern functions, especially during weddings.

Following the latest incident, several local residents have demanded stronger safety measures inside restaurants and kitchens in the district, Perth Now reported.

According to the U.S. government's Consumer Product Safety Commission, cooking is the leading cause of unreported home fires. During the five-year period of 2012-2016, it was also the second leading cause of home fire deaths (21%) in the world. Unattended cooking was by far the leading factor in cooking fires and cooking fire casualties, National Fire Protection Association said in a report.

In a similar incident in India, a 2-year-old boy died in May after he fell inside a hot cauldron in which a sweet dessert, known as "Sheer Khurma," was being prepared for the holy month of Ramadan. According to reports, the child's mother had prepared the dish and kept the cauldron on the floor for cooling the food. She was busy with her other household chores when the toddler slipped inside the cauldron while playing nearby. The child was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for his burns. However, the child did not survive.

Comprised of a vat of soup at the centre of a table, hotpot is a deeply communal dish
Comprised of a vat of soup at the centre of a table, hotpot is a deeply communal dish AFP / Anthony WALLACE