Hallmark’s Summer Nights continue to bring fans some new romance to make the sunny months even more sizzling. The latest premiere for the programming block is “The 27-Hour Day,” starring Autumn Reeser and Andrew Walker.

The movie will be a treat for fans as it finally unites two long-time Hallmark staples, who, despite their extensive lists of projects for the network, have yet to star in something together.

Fans certainly will recognize Reeser, who has more recently starred in Hallmark Channel titles such as “Christmas Under the Stars,” “All Summer Long,” “Love On the Menu,” “Season for Love” and “Valentine Ever After,” as well as Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ “A Glenbrooke Christmas” and “A Bramble House Christmas.” If they somehow missed all of her films, then they certainly will be familiar with Walker. Recent titles have included “Sweet Autumn,” “Merry & Bright,” “Bottled With Love,” “Love In Design,” “Wedding March 4,” “My Secret Valentine,” “Love Struck Café,” “The Perfect Catch,” “Love On Ice,” “A Dream of Christmas,” “Date With Love” and “Appetite for Love” on Hallmark Channel. He has also starred in “Christmas Tree Lane” and “Christmas On My Mind” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

So what can fans expect when these two finally team up for a film? Considering it is a Hallmark Summer romance, plenty of fun and the sun, and, of course, love, seems to be in store.

“Lauren (Reeser) is an established creator and ambassador of her wellness brand called The 27-Hour Day. Her mission is to give the best tips and tricks to make life’s daily chores and activities more efficient,” a synopsis for the film reads. “But when an important meeting with her business idol goes awry, Lauren realized she may need to step away to get some perspective. Foreign to the concept of taking a break, Lauren agrees to go to a mountain retreat.”

Naturally, when Lauren arrives at the retreat, where she meets others who are looking for answers, she finds it hard to adjust to a world where she isn’t constantly connected to the outside world or thinking about work, until she comes across the owner of the property, Jack (Walker). With his own goals in mind, he will also be reluctant when it comes to his new guest.

However, as the two start spending time together, they find something they didn’t expect—but it will lead to conflict as Lauren’s time at the retreat draws near an end.

“Over the course of the week in the calm setting of the Montana mountains, Lauren realized she needs to reprioritize what’s important in her life as she finds herself beginning to fall for Jack—and wonders how life will be once she returns to New York and if Jack will follow,” the synopsis reads.

“The 27-Hour Day” premieres Saturday, August 7 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

The 27-Hour Day
Autumn Reeser and Andrew Walker star in “The 27-Hour Day.” Crown Media LLC/Hugh Tull