• Audrey Nicole Francisquini sneaked into the school on May 10
  • She approached students, asking them to follow her social media account
  • She left the campus through a door leading to the faculty parking lot
  • Police located Francisquini through her social media account and driver's license

A 28-year-old woman has dressed up like a teenager and trespassed a local high school to hand out flyers promoting her Instagram account.

Audrey Nicole Francisquini entered American Senior High School in Miami on May 10. She was wearing a backpack and carrying a skateboard but didn't blend in with the crowd, reported CBS News.

When confronted by the school security, Francisquini said she was looking for the registration office. Despite that, she continued to wander the halls of the school, asking students to follow her account. She was also seen preventing students from entering their respective classrooms, according to police.

Although the school's administration was notified of a "potential threat on campus," Francisquini was still able to avoid both security and administrators. Eventually, she fled the campus by using a door that led to the faculty parking lot.

Police were able to locate Francisquini through her social media account and driver's license. She was arrested on the same day from her Miami Beach home and taken into custody. 

In a statement to CBS News, a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools described the incident as "unfortunate" and assured the public that the matter is being reviewed.

"As always, Miami-Dade County Public Schools will continue to work tirelessly to protect the safety and wellbeing of our students and employees," the spokesperson added.

Francisquini pleaded not guilty Tuesday and a $2000 bond was set by a Miami-Dade Circuit judge.

Previously, Francisquini served as a police officer in DeKalb County, Georgia, but lost her job when she was arrested for hacking into another officer's social media accounts and then posting the said officer's nude images, Washington Post said in a report.

A student present during the incident told authorities that Francisquini had flaunted her Instagram feed. The featured videos and images on Francisquini's account reportedly showed her wearing a red "devil masks" with pointy ears and black horns. "It's crazy. It's very creepy," the student said

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