With the recent return of the boy band genre thanks to groups like One Direction and The Wanted, it was only a matter of time before 2gether got in on the action.

That's right -- the (fake) boy band from the MTV show of the same name is reuniting for a concert, set for May 4 at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Los Angeles.

The group will perform 3 or 4 songs and podcast the set live, all in anticipation for an even bigger concert that will be documented in a movie, Alex Solowitz (aka. Bad Boy Mickey), told TMZ.

According to the unofficial 2gether -- The Reunion Facebook page, the group will also hold a Q&A after the show.

2gether, made up of Solowitz, Noah Bastian, Kevin Farley, Evan Farmer and the late Michael Cuccione, first announced plans for a reunion in January, more than a decade after the group disbanded.

The boys first entered the boy band scene in 1999, when groups like the Backstreet Boys, 'NSYNC and 98 Degrees were tearing up the hearts of screaming fans, and tearing up the music charts. 2gether debuted with an MTV movie, followed by a TV series that lasted for two seasons.

Cuccione, whose stage name was Jason Q.T. McKnight, passed away in 2001 following a long battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was 16.

To date, the group's biggest hit remains U + Me = Us (Calculus), a pop-heavy tune that parodied some of the biggest hits from boy band land at the time.

Since disbanding, the living members of 2gether have taken on minor TV roles, hosting duties and comedy shows.

Kevin Farley (older brother of the late Chris Farley), has had guest spots on Curb Your Enthusiasm, That's So Raven and other shows, while doing occasional standup.

Evan Farmer, who was the group's self-proclaimed Heartthrob, is currently the host of CMT's Top 20 Countdown.

Proceeds from 2gether's reunion show in May will benefit the Michael Cuccione Foundation, as previously announced.