In a shocking incident in India, a couple sold their baby son to a businessman to buy a second-hand car.

The police in the state of Uttar Pradesh said the baby was sold for nearly $2,000. Authorities came to know about the incident after the child's maternal grandparents approached the police Thursday to file a complaint against their daughter and son-in-law. The child was born three months ago, the Times of India reported.

The child was sold to a Gursahaiganj-based business "to buy a four-wheeler."

"While the baby is still in the possession of the trader, we have called the woman and her husband for questioning on Friday," police officer Kotwali Shailendra Kumar Mishra told a regional newspaper Jagran [Google Translation showed].

Mishra said the parents recently bought a used car after selling the newborn baby. Other details about the case were not revealed. It also remains unclear what charges will be placed against the couple.

In a similar incident, a father sold his 2-month-old baby to a couple so that he could clear off his debt in the southern city of Hyderabad. The police arrested the man after the incident came to light. According to the police, Syed Hyder sold the child to a relative a few days ago as he was unable to settle the dues of his loan. The relative then sold the baby to a couple. After learning about the incident, the police rescued the baby and handed the child over to his mother. The police also arrested Abdul Riyaz and Saheda Mohammed, the couple who purchased the child, and Hajera Begum and Reshma Begum, who mediated the deal. Initial investigation revealed Hyder and Shahana Begum got married in 2019 and the couple had a child two months ago. The former forced his wife to sell the child for a good amount so that he could pay off his debts. But, his wife refused and asked him to drop the plan.

In another incident, police rescued a 17-year-old girl after she was forced into marriage and later gang-raped by her in-laws. The crime took place in the state of Rajasthan.

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