• Police said the men have been arguing over who won for weeks
  • One bystander was shot in the rear end and the other in the arm
  • Police were on the lookout for the suspect, who was still at large

Three people were recently shot outside of a barbershop in Houston following an argument between two men allegedly over who came first in a foot race over a month ago.

Officers were dispatched to the Mean Kutz barbershop in the 10008 block of Tidwell Road at approximately 3.40 p.m. Saturday after the Houston Police Department received a call regarding a shooting, ABC News reported.

"Upon arrival, we discovered that two males were fighting outside ...verbally arguing about who ran a race faster," Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Wendy Baimbridge told reporters. During the argument between the two men -- said to be in their 40s -- one of the victims started walking away from the confrontation and was shot twice by the suspect in the arm, the officer added.

Two innocent bystanders inside the barbershop were also caught in the shootout. One was shot in the rear end while the other in the arm, Baimbridge said. The shooter fled the scene after firing the subsequent shots.

According to Baimbridge, the suspected shooter goes by the name Trae, ABC News' Houston station KTRK reported. He is still at large and was last seen driving eastbound away from the barbershop in a black Nissan Frontier. Authorities said they did not have the license plate number yet.

"I just came to get a haircut but that didn’t go as planned," an eyewitness of the incident was cited as saying by ABC News.

The Houston Police Department gathered video evidence from a witness’s phone and surveillance cameras installed at a liquor store next to the barbershop.

The injured were taken to local hospitals. None of the three victims sustained any life-threatening injuries and would reportedly survive.

Houston Police Department’s Major Assault Division is currently investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact the division or Crime Stoppers.

Earlier last month, a bizarre argument over a television remote control led to a stabbing with a sword in Florida. The victim told the police that he and the 54-year-old suspect were drinking before the incident. The suspect, who has a form of disability, told the officers that he would have "gut him [the victim]" if he had a better aim.

Barbershop | Representational Image REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach