• The father was taken into custody for questioning
  • Two other children were in the house when the shooting took place
  • The father had purchased the firearm for protection against burglars

A 3-year-old boy in Louisiana died after accidentally shooting himself Wednesday while his father was making lunch.

Medics arrived at a home in the city of Baker after receiving reports of shooting, and declared the child dead at the scene, The Advocate reported. Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn said the father was taken into custody for questioning.

"This appears to be a tragic accident," he said, while speaking to the media. "Little boys and girls are curious, and tragic things like this can happen."

Dunn said the weapon used in the incident was a semiautomatic pistol. He did not reveal other details about the case, like how many shots were fired or if any other children were playing with it before the shooting occurred. Authorities said two other children were at the home at the time while the father was the only adult in the house. The father was in another room cooking when the shot was fired, Dunn said.

"I believe in gun ownership. I grew up hunting and fishing," Dunn said, KATC reported. "But as parents, we need to be responsible. … Please, please make your house as safe as possible."

It remains unclear if there would be any charges filed against the unidentified father.

The man had recently purchased the gun for protection against potential burglars, his cousin, Kedron Haynes, who arrived at the scene after receiving news of the shooting, said, The Advocate reported. 

Haynes told local media he and his cousin had recently started recording music together, and were using a garage on Breckenridge Drive as their studio. They both were concerned about protecting the house and the recording equipment, which was why the firearm was purchased.

"With the snap of a finger, you turn your head one time and anything can happen," Haynes said, The Advocate reported. "With this situation, it hurts."

Describing the victim, Haynes said the child was curious and active, always trying out new words. He was the middle child of three brothers.

handgun-231699_1920 Representational image Photo: Pixabay