A 3-year-old child in India died after mistakenly consuming liquid mosquito repellant. However, the child's parents and people in the area blamed the doctor for the child's death, alleging he treated the toddler based on a YouTube tutorial.

The incident took place in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The victim, identified as T Kishore, drank the repellant stored in a bottle probably thinking it was a soft drink. The lid of the bottle was reportedly open when the child picked it up, The Hindu reported. Few minutes later, the child started vomiting and fell unconscious.

The child's parents rushed him to a private clinic in the locality where the doctors gave saltwater and forced him to vomit out the remaining repellant inside his body. The police said the child's stomach then swelled up, and he suffered breathlessness.

The doctors later rushed the boy to another hospital from where he was transported to a third hospital, which specialized in children's treatment. However, the child died on the way to the third hospital. The child's body was later sent for an autopsy, DT Next reported. Local media reported the victim's father Tamilarasan works in a private firm.

The boy’s parents filed a complaint with the police citing wrong treatment by the private clinic as the reason for their son’s death. Authorities did not reveal if anyone has been arrested in the case so far. Details about the doctor who allegedly consulted a YouTube tutorial to treat the child have also not been made public. Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.

Last month, an 18-year-old girl died after she accidentally brushed her teeth with rat poison. The incident took place in the western Indian city Mumbai. The girl was identified as Apsana Khan. The police said the teenager, who went to brush her teeth after waking up, mistakenly picked up the tube of rat poison cream that was kept next to the toothpaste. “While brushing she realized that she has not used the toothpaste due to which she washed her mouth immediately," a police officer said at the time. She fell ill later and was rushed to a hospital, where she died.

Representational image. Pixabay