Powerball Jackpot Of $425 Million May Grow Bigger
Representational Image Reuters

A Powerball ticket sold at a truck stop near the New Jersey Turnpike correctly matched all six numbers of Saturday’s winning $338 million drawing.

According to NBC News, the drawing was the fourth-largest in Powerball’s history. Lottery officials did not disclose the ticket holder’s identity or the date of the ticket’s purchase, but they did confirm that the ticket was sold in New Jersey and that the winning numbers were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53, 31. More details about the ticket holder are expected to be released on Monday.

Isaiah DeVries, the manager of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Store, a convenience store and truck stop in Bordentown, N.J., claimed to have received a phone call over the weekend from a regular customer who said that he had purchased the winning ticket.

"Upon listening to his voice he did sound happy, kind of like a relief like he wouldn't have to work as hard and nice to hear that for someone," DeVries told ABC News. "I'm sure if I were to see his face I would recognize him. He claimed to be a usual here in the store.”

"Shucks it wasn't me, but congrats for him. Pretty happy for him," DeVries added.

The ticket holder, if he or she opts for a lump sum pay out, will receive $211 million, Powerball officials say. Teddy Jackson, a 45-year-old electrician who lives in Toms River, about an hour from Love’s, said that he hopes that the person won the ticket will use the earnings to help out the community, which is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

"I hope whoever wins does good things with the money," Jackson said. "It's OK to buy yourself a few material things and take some trips, but $338 million can do a lot of good things. Help the people who lost their jobs, the ones who got destroyed by Sandy, the folks dealing with serious medical problems ... don't become one of these stupid people who get a windfall and blow it all."

New Jersey retailers say that the increasing jackpot, which hadn’t been won since February, had led to a significant rise in ticket sales in the days before the drawing, with many buyers waiting out long lines to buy their Powerball tickets.

The last jackpot winner was a Dave Honeywell of Virginia, who took a lump sum payout of $217 million. Powerball’s website says that the game is played in 42 states, and lists the odds of winning the jackpot as 1 in 175,223,510.00.