Social distancing and wearing face masks shouldn't stop you from having fun. With a little creativity and some dash of technology, you can still have a good time with your family while staying safe inside your home. You can catch up, share stories and enjoy a few laughs!

Stay-at-home celebrations and bonding can be more memorable when you fire up your imagination and think outside. Here are some great ideas to make your lockdown days more exciting and special with your family.

1. Host a Virtual Party with Distant Family and Friends

Online Gathering Gather everyone in a video call and let the fun begin! Photo: Lynette Coulston / Pixabay

While the pandemic is definitely a struggle to cope with, technology has made it easier for us to stay sane and connected with our loved ones. Zoom is one of the biggest bright spots and beneficiaries of the pandemic. It proved that even while you are at home, you can still attend to important matters -- both in a professional and personal sense. This video conferencing service can be used via an app on your smartphone or on your web browser.

A virtual party once a week is the perfect way to remain in touch with what’s happening to people you care about the most. You can set-up a theme, play some online games and have some ice breaker questions ready to keep the flow going. Having some food, mocktails and wine wouldn’t hurt either!

2. Themed Family Dinners

Food delivery apps have long been serving the needs of people who do not know how to cook. But with social distancing in strict implementation in a lot of places, it is considered a beacon of light for those on lockdown to still be able to enjoy favorite treats from tasty neighborhood restaurants and even the most dine-in spots in the metro.

Aside from depending on food delivery apps, restaurants and other businesses are offering new products and innovating ways to sell their services to stay afloat in this new normal. Most restaurants are offering packages perfect for any get-together. 

If you’re running out of ideas for family dinners, it's time to tap the power of food delivery apps. You can create themed meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Just imagine having Sushi nights during weekdays, authentic tacos on Taco Tuesdays and exploring the flavors of Latin America right at your dinner table every Sunday -- the options are limitless!

3. Dress Up and Take a Family Picture

Photos Keep the memory alive by printing out amazing photos of your new normal party. Photo:

With a smartphone in hand, an artistic mind and some old fancy clothes, you can play around and have fun taking family pictures! You can produce your own background, props and other things that would make your images stand out. This is a perfect family bonding activity during the lockdown -- not only will you be having amazing family photos but also be able to unleash your creative side!

If you are planning to make these pictures last, you definitely need some professional help. Enter Mimeo Photos. They can help immortalize your precious moments, even during this new normal, into a wide range of products you’ll surely be proud to show off. This is a great service to consider if you want to keep the quarantine memories alive! 

4. Prank a Family Member

Turn an ordinary day into a hilarious one with crazy cardboard cutout standees -- of you, anyone in the family or even a celebrity! Now, that’s something everyone will remember even after this pandemic is over.

This is the type of fun and crazy that Cardboard Cutout Standees aims to provide. They do professionally printed custom cutouts topped with great service and fast production!

Have your mom or dad’s full-body photos printed and see what your siblings’ reaction would be when they see it. If you are a parent, have your kids’ headshot printed and hang it on their door in the morning. If you’re a jokester, this is a great way to prank family members and get everyone laughing!

It’s fun. It’s crazy. But totally memorable for everyone! 

You Can Still Have Fun in the New Normal

Just because you’re staying at home, doing your part in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, every day doesn't have to be a gloomy one. There are tons of ways to connect, have fun and celebrate even without leaving the house. Unleash your creativity so that everyone in the family still has the best time of their life even while isolating.