A 4-year-old boy who saw his mother almost dropping his younger brother has reported her to the police for trying to "kill" the baby.

The woman, identified as Nana Afia, was giving the baby a bath when she slipped and almost dropped the child. The 4-year-old witnessed this and thought it was a murder attempt by the mother.

The boy rushed to the police station in the Ashanti Region in south Ghana and reported that his mother had attempted to "kill" the baby.

"Just this Saturday, my 4-year-old son reported to the officers in the picture that I dropped his baby brother whiles [sic] bathing him and that I want to kill his brother so they should come and arrest me," Afia shared in a Facebook group called "Tell It Moms" as per GH Page.

Based on the complaint, the officers immediately arrived at the woman's home along with the 4-year-old. They examined the baby to check if he had sustained any injuries and asked the woman to come to the police station for interrogation.

At the station, the woman explained the circumstances, after which the authorities examined the baby again. Eventually, they let go of the mother.

"I explained my part of the story to them and they examined the baby for physical injuries," she added.

The post soon got a lot of comments from the members of the group. While some of them shared their similar stories, the other praised the boy for his "courage," reported GhanaWeb.

"I remember my nephew of 4 telling his teacher that my sister (his mother) had drugs stored in the freezer. My sister stopped storing her corn dough in the freezer after this," one woman shared in response to Afia's post.

"You gave got a smart one [sic]. He will protect himself and his loved ones too. Be sure that no one will harm him in anyway [sic]," another person commented.

"So you mean your 4 year old [sic] left the home without you knowing and walked by himself to the police station? He is brave," another woman wrote.

It wasn't clear how far the police station was from the woman's home.

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Representational image of a crime scene in Uganda, East Africa. ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images