A chocolate river filled an Arizona highway Monday morning when a tanker trailer overturned carrying 40,000 gallons of liquid chocolate.

The truck was traveling down Interstate 40 near Flagstaff, Arizona, on its ways to Henderson, Nevada from Ontario, Canada, ABC News reported. 

Authorities believe that the tanker ran into trouble when the latch between the truck and trailer became unsecured, Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Public Information Officer Bart Graves told ABC News. The trailer was then separated from the truck, causing 40,000 gallons of chocolate to spill across the highway, he said.

Clean up crews had to empty the remaining chocolate out of the trailer to make it light enough to turn upright and tow, Graves told ABC News. The chocolate was at a liquid state of 120 degrees and was also biodegradable, according to U.S. News & World Report. The clean up took approximately four hours.

The Arizona DPS took to Twitter about the accident, writing that “This will be a sweet cleanup!"

The westbound lanes of Interstate 40 were shut down for about four hours for the accident. Traffic was rerouted from just beyond the off-ramp.

While no one was injured in the truck accident, 40,000 gallons of chocolate went to waste.