Gardening might seem like a time-consuming and uphill task for many, but the fresh blooms certainly make up for all the effort, by rendering people happy and content.

Gardening has emerged as a restorative activity, especially among people looking for emotional support amid the strictest lockdown situations. A growing number of surveys over the years backed the idea that gardening positively impacts both mental and physical health, as well as distracts people from the negative ideation resulting from being forced to huddle inside homes. 

Gardening, especially some mulching and weeding, can bear the same effect as an hour-long run on a treadmill would do. The visual beauty of gardening is also known to effectively cleanse the mind of extraneous thoughts and focus on everything positive. 

The therapeutic efficacy of gardening is the main reason why people create more open spaces and plant more trees. 

With that in mind, here are five garden decoration ideas that will not only alleviate boredom, but will bolster your both mental and physical resilience. 

Choose muted, neutral colors Neutral colors work wonders in calming down your agitated mind and in making your garden a peaceful sanctuary. A line-up of neutral-colored planters in your garden is easier on the eyes, and, therefore, soothing to the soul. 

Maximize the appeal with candles The soft glow and gentle smell of aromatic candles can stimulate restful sleep. If you love to lounge on the patio after work, light some candles and enjoy the blissful atmosphere. 

Layer plants vertically Layering has proven to be a lot more calming to the eyes than haphazard positioning. Start from the tallest trees and gradually place the shrubs and climbers to create symmetry. This method is space-saving and is known to effectively block outside noise, thereby restoring peace within the enclosed space. 

Add a small water body Should the temperature go dramatically up during the summer, the water feature can bring much-needed comfort. Just sitting by the set-up and feeling the spraying water against your skin, or enjoying the bubbling, pouring sound will drain your fatigue. 

Have a timber bridge A miniature bridge in your sprawling garden will look like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. It not only will add a Parisian charm to the garden, but will also create a space for you to spend some time alone contemplating or reading.  

bridge-5466981_1920 Garden Photo: Pixabay