When “Animal Kingdom” Season 3 premieres, fans are hoping they will finally get some answers following the shocking Season 2 finale. When the TNT drama returns, viewers will see the Cody family in turmoil after they realize everything they worked for is at stake.

Here are 5 questions we need answered in “Animal Kingdom” Season 3:

1. Is Baz Alive?

Last viewers saw Baz (Scott Speedman), he was bleeding out on the ground after being shot several times by a masked assailant. Baz was in his car with Lucy (Carolina Guerra) preparing to go pick up Lena (Aamya Deva Keroles) so the three could begin a life together in Mexico. However, right before he could pull out of his driveway, a person in a mask appeared, firing off several shots directly at Baz. He attempted to chase after the shooter but eventually collapsed as sirens rang in the background.

2. Will The Codys Figure Out Lucy Stole Their Money?

Rather than helping Baz with his wounds, Lucy left her boyfriend dying on the ground and was later seen at the house where he hid all of Smurf’s (Ellen Barkin) money. She then began to take all of the cash hidden in the walls with the help of her brother Marco (Joseph Julian Soria).

Animal Kingdom
Smurf (Ellen Barkin) remains stuck in prison on “Animal Kingdom” Season 3. TNT

3. Will Smurf Get Out Of Jail?

Baz was able to pin a murder on Smurf, which landed the matriarch in jail. Although she thought she would be released quickly, the police actually want to take down the entire Cody family. In the promo for “Animal Kingdom” Season 3, Smurf is offered the opportunity to turn on her family in exchange for negotiating a deal. Desperate to get out of jail, Smurf may be willing to sacrifice her boys for a chance at freedom.

4. Can The Codys Trust Billy?

With Smurf gone and Baz’s return up in the air, the Cody family have been living their lives without guidance for the past few months. In the TNT trailer, Deran (Jake Weary) is introduced to his father, Billy (Denis Leary). Smurf is then seen telling J (Finn Cole) to get him out of her house. Smurf has kept all of her children’s fathers out of their lives and it appears she wants to continue that tradition. However, it looks like Billy has other plans.

5. Will J Be Able To Handle Being In Charge?

In Season 2, Smurf began grooming J to take charge of the family, but his ability to lead was constantly called into question by Baz. Now that Baz is either injured or dead, J has a chance to show he’s worthy of being the head of the family. Unfortunately for the teen, the Codys’ livelihood is now at stake and his uncles don’t appear thrilled about Smurf’s decision to put him in charge of the family during such a critical time.

“Animal Kingdom” Season 3 airs Tuesday, May 29 at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

Animal Kingdom
J (Finn Cole) must prove he has what it takes to become the head of the Cody family on “Animal Kingdom” Season 3. TNT