Gamers who love to play on their Android smartphones will surely love the new Nintendo Switch Lite for a few reasons. While Android smartphones and the Switch Lite differ in many areas, the new gaming handheld offers a lot of features and benefits players on the mobile operating system will want to enjoy.

Here are a few reasons why Android gamers should consider getting the Switch Lite portable console, which is available now.

It has a huge game library...

While the Switch Lite requires additional Joy-Cons to be able to play all the games in the Nintendo Switch eShop, it will be able to play all games that support handheld mode right off the bat. The Switch Lite also allows players to use physical game cartridges that can be bought for cheap at second-hand stores, or borrowed from friends. This means players have a lot of games to play on it.

...that includes better quality games.

While Android players enjoy great mobile games like “Super Mario Run,” “Pokemon GO,” “PUBG Mobile,” “Fortnite” and “Alto’s Adventure,” they won’t be able to enjoy the best games the Switch has to offer like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” and the upcoming “Pokémon Sword” and “Pokémon Shield.”

It offers better controls...

Anybody who’s played a mobile game on an Android phone will know how controls could be difficult, especially when the display is small. While third-party game controllers can solve that problem, it’s a fact that players will have to purchase them in addition to the smartphone of their choice.

The Switch Lite, on the other hand, offers better controls compared to smartphones. It has joysticks, a D-pad and buttons built-in for that fantastic gaming experience.

...and will extend battery life...

Playing games on mobile drastically reduces a smartphone’s battery life. This means mobile gamers will always need to look for a power outlet where they can charge their device. Playing on the Switch Lite instead, then, means that a player’s smartphone won’t need frequent charging.

...without costing that much.

The Switch Lite costs a mere $200. A good smartphone that can be used to play high quality games without lagging will undoubtedly cost more (especially if it’s a high-end gaming phone like the new ASUS ROG Phone 2 which costs $900 in the U.S.).

Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition
The Switch Lite (Zacian and Zamazenta Edition) costs less than some Android smartphones. Nintendo