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Need an all-in-one marketing toolkit? Here's what to get. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

Since the dawn of the .com era, marketers have taken advantage of different online platforms that have captured the population's time and attention. The exciting and scary part? The industry still has plenty of untapped potential, which could lead to unprecedented success for one business and untimely downfall for another.

If you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, you've come to the right place. Here we'll tell you how you're going to do just that.

The best tool for digital success

Digital marketing has always been an obvious route. For the last two decades digitization has taken over every facet of society, and with the pandemic, more consumers now prefer online shopping over visiting actual brick-and-mortar establishments.

While embracing the digital revolution is the best way to achieve success in today’s markets, other companies are also doing the same, making competition in business stiff. Thankfully, there are effective digital marketing tools that will give you a leg up on the competition. One such tool is SEMrush.

Working as online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform for small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises, SEMrush offers a host of tools that would help you reach a bigger market and deliver actual results, be it for SEO, content, market research, advertising or even SMM & SERM.

SEMrush is one of the most competitive digital marketing tools that's available today.

Used by over 6 million marketing specialists across the globe, SEMrush doesn't just optimize your company’s visibility across key channels, here are some of the best features and benefits of this top digital marketing tool:

1. All-in-one digital marketing tool

Digital marketing isn’t exclusive to one channel. As the internet expanded, so did opportunities for marketing -- resulting in various key channels that can all be fully utilized provided you have the right tools. SEMrush has all those tools and more.

Whether it’s for managing your social media, analyzing your SEO strategy and performance, finding the best keywords, strengthening your backlinks, tracking daily changes in your website, optimizing content to drive more organic traffic, and bringing traffic to your site -- SEMrush has it all.

When you use SEMrush, you’re arming yourself with everything you need to thrive in the digital space.

SEMrush's SEO toolkit will provide you with all of the basics that you need.

2. Comprehensive keyword research tool

Keyword research is at the top of every SEO strategy to successfully drive organic traffic into your website, show up higher in search results, and find out which keywords are used by the competition.

SEMrush’s keyword analytics and research tool is top of the class and might very well be the best among all tools available in the market.

Looking up a keyword would give you a breakdown of organic vs. paid search with a monthly average search volume, as well as a cost-per-click breakdown. The platform also recently enhanced its traffic and SERP breakdowns, which, along with its renovated Position Tracking tool, makes for an even more powerful research tool. It also lets you set-up multi-targeting campaigns that track locations all at once and lets you toggle between desktop and mobile search traffic. Trello integration is also particularly useful for team efforts.

3. Ease of use

SEO tools with bad UI and UX can immediately get you confused, but not with SEMrush.

SEMrush’s dashboard is easy to navigate and very straightforward. Everything is easy to access with its well-organized layout -- the left-hand navigation bar giving you five main tabs for domain analytics, keyword analytics, project, lead generation tool and My Reports. Opening each of these would take you to more detailed yet easy to follow breakdowns, while giving you all the information you need in one place.

This helps make the process more streamlined, giving you more time to work on actual marketing and less time looking for buttons to do this or that.

When it comes to content marketing, SEMrush digs in deep to provide you with features that will not only help you get started, but keep you thriving.

4. Recognition

At the moment, the service has more than 6 million users, 20 billion keywords, 140 geodatabases and around 820 million domains. But it doesn’t stop there, SEMrush also holds a 4.5/5 satisfaction grade from numerous review sites and satisfied customers.

Users praise it as a brilliant tool for spearheading SEO, noting how easy it is to use and how it’s basically the “swiss army knife” of digital marketing. SEMrush is putting up more than a good fight against the bigger, more expensive marketing tools with its flexibility and a wide variety of specialized tools.

The tool is also trusted by top companies like, eBay, Quora, Wix, Vodafone and HP, among countless others.

5. Budget-friendly price

With a starting price point of only $99.95 per month, it features all of the top features other more expensive services provide, with a few added bonuses, making it a real bang for your buck. For those wanting to save a little bit more, you can pay an annual upfront fee of $999.40 and save $200. This gives you 10,000 results per report and up to 3,000 reports of searches per day.

SEMrush's pricing plan, along with the included features.

At $199.95 a month, or an annual option of $1,999.40 (save $400), the Guru plan gets you 5,000 reports and 30,000 results per report on a daily basis, all while also giving you a total of 50 projects for the SEO team. It also gives you 1,500 tracked keywords, 20 PDF reports with custom branding, 300,000 crawled pages and social media profiles of up to 100.

Its business plan comes at $399 per month or $3,999.40 a year for an $800 savings. Aside from getting all the features above with an increase in quotas, you also get product listing ads, white-label reports, API access, and multi-user management.

SEMrush also offers custom solutions and even add-on features upon request.

SEMrush is possibly the only tool you'll need for your digital marketing needs. Its basic plan ($99.95) has more than enough tools to help you grow your website and push your business to greater heights. With SEMrush, you can start taking advantage of the best digital marketing has to offer.