Princess Anne has a bad temper.

It is not a secret that the Royal Princess doesn’t want to please the people. Compared to her older brother Prince Charles, Princess Anne is stubborn and strong-willed. Here are five instances when Princess Anne showed her bad temper.

Rude to journalists

According to Joy Billington, a journalist in Washington D.C., Princess Anne showed her ill behavior towards the press during a visit to Washington. Helen Thomas, a respected journalist asked the royal how she finds the Washington Monument. However, Princess Anne didn’t answer her question and instead said that she doesn’t do interviews.

“She was very bad-tempered, very sulky, she really didn’t want to be there, that was the impression one had,” Billington said.

Confrontation with anti-blood sports protestors

Princess Anne isn’t shy with her public outbursts. One time she was about to go fox hunting when she encountered anti-blood sports protestors.

The royal didn’t back off until one protester asked her, “Who’s paying you to do this?” Before she can even answer, the taxpayer said, “Well, we’re paying you to do that.”

Prince Charles reportedly “groaned” when he learned about the confrontation. The Prince of Wales considers it a “royal sin” to fall into a confrontational situation with the members of the public.

Disapproved of Sarah Ferguson

Princess Anne didn’t like Ferguson for her younger brother, Prince Andrew. She reportedly called the Duchess of York an “outsider” one time, which resulted in a furious row between her and the Duke of York. Prince Andrew demanded that his older sister should apologize to his wife. The Princess Royal did what she was asked to do but since then, her relationship with Ferguson had become “very, very frosty.”

Called a staff member “incompetent”

According to Daily Mail reporter Ryan Parry, a footman failed a task assigned to him by Princess Anne. He heard how the royal gave the servant a dressing-down.

“She looked at him and said: ‘you incompetent [explicit]!!’” Parry recalled.

Sharp-tongued after Prince Philip’s car accident

Earlier this year, Prince Philip was involved in a car accident. When Princess Anne made a public appearance in Lancashire, she was asked how the Duke of Edinburgh was doing after the car crash, but she gave a shockingly harsh response.

“I’ve no idea, you know where I am, the same place as you,” Princess Anne said.

Angela Mollard said that Princess Anne gave a “sharp-tongued” response. Rebecca Hyde interjected and said that the Princess Royal was “so cold.”

Princess Anne
Princess Anne visits Chilean President Sebastian Pinera at La Moneda Presidential Palace in Santiago on Nov. 28, 2018. Getty Images/Claudio Reyes