Princess Anne
Royal experts criticized Princess Anne for her “sharp-tongued response” about Prince Philip’s car crash accident. Pictured: Princess Anne meets retired cutter Robert Bagan on a visit to officially open the Grenfell factory on Feb. 28, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Tim Whitby

Princess Anne strikes again!

Prince Philip was involved in a car accident last week. A day after the incident, Princess Anne made a public appearance in Lancashire. The royal princess was asked how the Duke of Edinburgh was doing after the car crash in Sandringham and her harsh response shocked the public.

“I’ve no idea, you know where I am, the same place as you,” Princess Anne responded, according to Express UK.

Royal commentators Angella Mollard and Rebecca Hyde didn’t like the way Princess Anne answered the question.

Mollard was in disbelief after learning about the incident and blamed such scenarios for giving the royal family a bad reputation. “This is the Duke of Edinburgh’s daughter, his own child coming out with such a sharp-tongued response,” she said.

Hyde interjected and described Princess Anne as “so cold.”

Mollard also mentioned about the royals’ policy regarding handshakes. According to Mollard, Queen Elizabeth II follows it, but her only daughter was never keen on doing it.

She stressed how Princess Anne refuses to shake hands and hates it when people take pictures using their mobile phones. Mollard added that there is no way Prince William and Prince Harry would answer a question the way Princess Anne did.

Princess Anne’s temper also contributed to her combustible relationship with big brother Prince Charles. The Princess Royal was described as “stubborn” and “strong-willed.” On the other hand, the Prince of Wales was said to be “meek” and “defensive.”

There was reportedly a time when Prince Charles groaned after learning that his sister had a confrontation with a group of anti-bloodsports protestors when she was about to go fox hunting. The argument reached a point when the taxpayer asked Princess Anne who paid her to do it and reminded her that their income was from the people.

Lizzie Purbrick who had a close encounter with Princess Anne didn’t have fond memories of the royal. In fact, she described the Princess Royal as “spectacularly rude.”

Despite the negative issues about Princess Anne, she remains one of the busiest royals in the recent years. The Telegraph named her the hardest working royal in 2018 with the most number of engagements and outings.