The Fourth of July can be an anxiety-driven holiday for pets due to the loud noise of fireworks. The day can be filled with loud sounds from the afternoon to the late evening in many parts of the U.S.

The fireworks can be much louder for pets, as their ears can hear at a higher frequency of hertz. Pets also process the sound of loud noises differently than humans.

"Many animals associate loud noises with danger," said Dr. Michelle Lugones, a veterinarian with Best Friends Animal Society told CNN. "From an evolutionary standpoint they are wired to avoid perceived threats, so it's not surprising that fireworks are distressing to many animals."

There are a few steps that can possibly help reduce our pets’ anxiety.

The best thing to do is try to remove a pet from a situation where they can hear any fireworks sounds. But sometimes these situations are uncontrollable, so, here are a few tips to help calm them down.

1) Distract your pet

Dr. Douglas Kratt, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association, recommends using new toys, long-lasting chews/treats, and food puzzles.

2) Stay calm as the owner of your pet

Kratt also insists that owners should stay calm. "Our pets may look to us to see how we are reacting and be influenced by our behavior. Try not to react too strongly to fireworks or your pets' distress,” he said.

3) Create a sound bunker room and cover up windows

Dr. Andrea Y. Tu, DVM, medical director of Behavior Vets of NYC, told USA Today that creating a "sound bunker" in a basement or laundry room with minimal windows can help. She said that carpeting, pillows and blankets can be placed in front of windows to act as a noise buffer.

4) Play white noise or music

Tu also recommended using white noise or playing music to help distract a dog.

5) Use medication only as a last resort

Both Kratt and Tu both noted that medication should be avoided unless a pet becomes unusually anxious.