A father was arrested and charged for breaking his daughter's leg for not cleaning her room. This is a representational image showing a person in handcuffs in Sydney, Australia, June 23, 2018. Getty Images/Mark Kolbe

A five-year-old's father allegedly broke her leg for not cleaning her room, police in Missouri said. According to local reports, the girl gave “bloodcurdling screams” when her father physically abused her at their home in Joplin.

The child’s mother, Mystic Forsee, heard the cries moments after a "thud" from the bedroom. When she rushed to the room, she found the girl “on the floor in front of the dresser holding her oddly bent right leg in the air.”

Lance Breeding, 27, was standing over her when the mother came to the room. She told local media that Breeding grabbed their daughter and hurled her into a dresser.

A police report was filed against the father who said he had spanked the youngster as punishment, then shoved her into her room after she failed to clean it up.

“He picked her up because she said her leg hurt and checked her leg without finding anything wrong,” according to a police press release seen by news radio station KZRG. “He sat her back down on the floor. She wouldn’t get back up so he kicked her leg telling her to get up.”

Police said the girl was left with a broken right femur, as well as extensive bruising on her back and legs. Breeding was charged with child abuse and was booked into Jasper County Jail under a $50,000 bail bond.

In another incident that took place earlier this month in the city of Iskenderun in southern Turkey's Hatay Province, a six-year-old was violently beaten by his father with a vacuum cleaner, sending the boy into a coma, for not doing his homework. The child was treated at a hospital in intensive care for severe injuries to his head and face.

In an incident in October, a Tennessee man faced child abuse charges after brutally beating his son for bad behavior in school. A video of the incident showed the man aggressively hitting the 6-year-old and shoving him to the ground, and also kicking him.