E.L. James signed books for her fans on the first day of Comic-Con convention on Thursday in San Diego, and she took some time to give an interview to the Associated Press. Fans came in bunches to meet the beloved author of the best-selling series Fifty Shades of Grey.

Lola De La Cruz sobbed when she finally met E.L. James, the AP reported. She had waiting since 4 a.m. to meet the woman she said gave her hope again.

The relationship that's in the book is something that I've always wanted and haven't gotten in previous relationships, so it kind of gave me that hope that there's something still out there, De La Cruz told the AP as tears streamed from her eyes. It brought me back to life, so to speak.

It's a story that hit close to home for James, who was inspired to write 50 Shades of Grey after she read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

I don't think I've ever been swept up in something like I was swept up with that, James explained on Thursday before she met her fans in San Diego for Comic-Con. I read them and reread them and reread them, and then I sat down and wrote a novel.

It's not the first time the British author has been to Comic-Con: She originally attended the event as a fan of Twilight.

It's just crazy, James told the AP outside the San Diego Convention Center. This whole thing has just been mindboggling, how it's happened, and how it's exploded -- and so quickly.

It's a fantasy novel, James explained to the AP why the series is so appealing. It's a love story at its heart, which I think women like to read -- a passionate love story. It's got some kinky sex in it, which is kind of interesting. ... I mean he is just ridiculously wealthy, ridiculously accomplished, as well, and it's nice to go on a holiday and just escape into their world.

A San Francisco fan of the series, 30-year-old Jennifer Norling told the AP why she loves the books, There's humor, there's love, it's intense. It's pretty much everything a woman would want in her love life.

Say what you like about the series, but one thing E.L. James definitely doesn't want her books called is mommy porn.

I think it is disparaging. It's actually quite misogynistic, James told the AP. Women like sex. If it's done well, it's really quite good fun.

A big-screen adaptation of the book is in the works, but it's something that James didn't want to do originally.

Books are such a personal experience for every individual reader, she told the AP. I just thought it's going to be really hard to do.

But, being true to the theme of her novels and the nature of her adored characters, she decided to go through with it.

If the book says anything, it's life's not a dress rehearsal, James explained to the AP. Just go and do stuff. I'm trying to embrace that.

Fans of the series have been on the edge of their seats, not-so-patiently waiting to find out who will play the roles of Ana Steele and Christian Grey in the movie adaptation.

It seems there's a new rumor ever day, with Oliver Jackson-Cohen the latest actor to be thrown into the mix of Hollywood's finest that might be cast to portray Christian Grey.

Buzz over who will play Fifty Shades' leading lady is just as high, with Alexis Bledel and Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev the fans' top choices.

Do you think it's wrong to refer to Fifty Shades of Grey as mommy porn?