Would Jane Levy be the perfect actress to play Christian Grey’s lover Anastasia Steele in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie?

Finally, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” silver screen adaptation is getting closer and closer to choosing its cast. Even before it was announced that author E.L James had agreed to make her erotic novel into a film, there has been endless speculation as to who would play Christian Grey and his sometimes-subservient concubine Anastasia Steele. The rumor mill continues to churn out names, but now there’s a new leading lady who is said to be “perfect” for Ana: Jane Levy.

Not familiar with Levy? She’s plays the lead role in the ABC series “Suburgatory” and was the lead in 2013’s “Evil Dead.” The 23-year-old redhead hasn’t expressed direct interest in the “Fifty Shades” character, yet, but the Facebook page “Everything Fifty Shades,” which has more than 6,000 “likes,” pinned Levy as a possible choice for Anastasia on July 28.

“Such a beauty ‪#‎AnastasiaSteele ‪#‎JaneLevy,” the page wrote. The post garnered nearly 50 “likes” from its followers.

Numerous news sites, like The Stir, have since labeled Levy as the “perfect” actress to portray the Seattle 22-year-old Steele. The actress is practically the name age as Ana, she’s not too well known, and aside from the red hair that can be dyed to match Ana's raven locks she fits the physical description of James’ leading lady.

Acting-Audition.org reports that pre-production for the highly anticipated film has already started-- meaning it’s only a matter of time until Ana and Christian are cast. Keep in mind that no announcement has been made, so until then, “Fifty Shades of Grey” obsessed fans will continue to speculate as to who will play the beloved characters.