A six-foot-long deadly snake was reported missing after it escaped from its enclosure at a home in Grand Prairie, Texas. The homeowner alerted the police Tuesday following which officials issued a warning for residents.

The snake, identified as a West African Banded Cobra, was kept in a cage inside a home on the 1800 block of Cherry Street, near Interstate 30 and Belt Line Road.

“Animal Services, the owner, and a venomous snake apprehension professional actively searched for the snake inside and outside of the residence through the night with no success,” Grand Prairie Animal Service said.

According to the experts, the snake is a highly venomous reptile and is considered the largest of Africa’s true cobras. These species can grow up to 10 feet long. Speaking with CBS 11, the owner said the reptile is likely dead. As this could not be confirmed, officials issued a warning for local residents asking them to alert the authorities if they see any type of snake believed to be the missing cobra. Authorities also warned residents not to approach or attempt to capture the reptile themselves. 

Meanwhile, police didn't charge or issue any citations to the owner – a snake enthusiast – as of early Thursday. But, authorities are still looking into any other possible violations.

“We’re exploring all options. That means is there a city ordinance violation? Is there a state law that was broken? Is there a federal law that was broken that comes to how the snake was transported into the United States,” Mark Beseda, spokesman for the Grand Prairie Police Department, said to CBS Local.

The snake owner said city officials arrived at his residence and removed two other snakes from his home Wednesday morning. One of the snakes was a pit viper. 

Randall Kennedy of Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control said, “This could be deadly for an adult. It’s an extremely dangerous snake if you’re bitten.”

Kennedy raised concerns saying, the snake may not have been properly secured, NBC DFW reported.

“These snakes are supposed to be under double lock and key," he said.

A search for the reptile still continues.

king-cobra-3498625_640 Cobra Photo: Pixabay