mount rainier
Six climbers missing on Mount Rainier are presumed dead. (courtesy

The six climbers missing on Mount Rainier are likely dead and the search for them was suspended with four hours of light still left.

National Park Service spokeswoman Fawn Bauer said air searches over Carbon Glacier found debris on the mountain's steep north side, suggesting an avalanche or rock slide, the Seattle Times and Associated Press reported.

“They [rescuers] feel there is no chance of survival at this point,” Bauer said.

Bauer said climbing rangers searched crevasses along the Liberty Ridge route looking for the six, including two guides from Alpine Ascents.

“That is a steep face, almost like an avalanche chute,” she said.

Alpine Ascents founder Todd Burleson expressed sorrow.

“Obviously this is a tragedy -- it is very sad. We are very sad for the families and the loss of our guys. Everyone mourns this,” he said. “You always hold onto hope, but we are uncertain. All you can do is hope.”

The climbers last made contact Wednesday at 12,800 feet.