Ty Dodson was too young to depart from this world but fate had other plans. Ty had just started his kindergarten when he went to see his grandparents in Nashville, Tennessee and his visit turned into an unimaginable horror.

Ty was shot dead, allegedly by his grandfather named Terry Majors, at the Nashville home. Losing his nerve after killing his grandson, Majors also allegedly killed his wife, Ty’s maternal grandmother, Leigh Shea-Majors, before committing suicide, Metropolitan Nashville police Department revealed to ABC News.

Ty’s former pre-school teacher at Allen County Primary Center, Tabitha Collins, told WKRN that Ty was known for his big smile and everyone called him “Ty the science guy” as he loved the science center at his pre-school. She also said that the boy was “very smart, very curious”.

The double murder-suicide case took place at about 7 p.m. after which Ty allegedly asked his little sister to flee for her life after he was shot. Ty’s 4-year-old sister who was the sole witness of this incident escaped unharmed and ran to a neighbor to seek help, police added.

Chase Dodson, Ty’s uncle, told ABC News on Wednesday that losing Ty “was the worst day of his life”. He also called Ty “a bundle of joy” who had a fondness for sports and science. Just two weeks ago, the boy’s family rang in his 6th birthday with a pool party.

Ty lived with his mother, stepfather and little sister in Kentucky. His biological father died 15 days before Ty was born in 2013. Ty was visiting his maternal grandparents over the weekends when this tragic incident happened.

According to a report by People, Ty’s grandparents occasionally helped their daughter take care of her kids by babysitting them during the weekends.

Major’s neighbor Chely Wilson told WKRN that he was a “very great guy”. He further added that he “used to mow the yard — neighbors’ yards and things. Helped neighbors out. His wife was a very good person. I’m just as dumbfounded as everybody else as to why something like this had happened. I know that they loved their grandkids very, very much.”

Chase also said that he had never noticed any signs of trouble during Ty’s frequent visits to his maternal grandparents’ house. "I don't understand why. How could anybody in their right mind... do that to a little boy," the grieving uncle said. "He was our world."

Police are probing into the matter and revealed that the motive is undermined.