The owners of a dog are being blamed after the canine viciously attacked a child in Indiana on Thursday (May 14).

Speaking to CW-affiliated television station WISH-TV, Justin Pierce, the father of the victim, said he and his fiancée have had several arguments with the neighbors over them driving too fast in the residential street. On Thursday night, the neighbors came out and one of them started yelling. Suddenly, the dog ran out and attacked the six-year-old boy.

“The neighbors come out together and then one of them yells. The dog runs out and, mind you, there’s about 4 or 5 kids outside and about 3 or 4 adults,” the father recalled.

The pit bull jumped on the boy, identified as Conner Pierce, before knocking his head onto the ground and “pulling part of his scalp away from his skull.”

Following the attack, police responded to the scene on a report of “harassment.” The boy was rushed to a local hospital with injuries to his arm and leg. He was also left with a four-inch head gash. The following day, the boy was taken to Riley Hospital for Children after he showed signs of traumatic brain injury. The family is now accusing the neighbors of encouraging the dog attack.

Investigation was ongoing and it was not known whether the owners of the dog were charged or arrested. It was also not known if the canine was taken away by the Animal Control.

The incident comes a month after a six-year-old boy suffered serious injuries after he was viciously attacked by a dog in Plainwell, Michigan. Camdon Bozell was at his grandmother’s home when he was attacked by a pit bull. The boy was rushed to a local hospital by ambulance. He underwent an emergency surgery and his face was covered with stitches.

"He suffered a broken nose, skull fracture, possible nerve damage to the left side of his face and upper lip and many, many stitches,” the victim’s family member said.

pit bull
A pit bull in the menacing dogs area of the Henderson Animal Shelter in Auckland, New Zealand, July 27, 2016. Fiona Goodall/Getty Images