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Translator Devices
Translators are great devices for travel afficianados and for meetings Pxhere

Imagine being in a high-stakes meeting online with a potential client with whom you need to make a product pitch in their native language. Or maybe you are in a foreign country looking for directions and you don't know the language. How do you get around in such situations? Unless you already know your audience's language in such cases, communication becomes extremely difficult.

This is where language translators come in handy. These small, hand-held devices can translate hundreds of languages in fractions of seconds with high accuracy so that you can have a seamless conversation in anyone's native language. Here are some of the best language translators to consider.

1. Pocketalk Classic Language Translator Device
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Pocketalk Classic Language Translator Device can be used while traveling to foreign countries so that you can communicate efficiently with someone who speaks a different language by using the device. The voice translator can interpret up to 74 languages seamlessly with more being updated regularly, which allows a deeper connection with native language speakers and a full immersion of yourself in any situation.

2. WT2 Language Translator
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WT2 Language Translator offers a simultaneous two-way translation in multiple foreign languages, which covers an astounding 85% of the world's population in terms of its translation capabilities. The languages it covers include Cantonese, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil and Thai, among others. It also has hands-free and deep communication capabilities.

3. Cheetah CM Smart Instant Language Translator Device
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Cheetah CM Smart Instant Language Translator Device comes with a powerful and reliable Microsoft-based AI translation engine that provides extremely accurate and instant translations with an innovative and advanced cloud processing system, helping you talk with different people and forge new friendships with them. It also has a powerful battery with up to 180 days of standby time and a full 2 weeks of usage time.

4. Buoth Language Translator Device
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Buoth Language Translator Device comes with an all-new translation engine that supports languages from 226 countries including local dialects. This 2-way translation device is accurate in 99% of the translations it makes and has a super quick 0.1 second reaction speed. It also supports 8 languages offline translation for no network condition.

5. Mortentr Language Translator Device
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Mortentr Translator Device can integrate the world's leading AI translation engines, i.e. Google, Microsoft, Baidu and IFLYTEK to support two-way translations in 106 languages online and 8 languages offline. It provides real-time translation with an ultra-high translating accuracy for complicated sentences and has an accuracy rate that can reach 98%. It also has a 2.4-inch high-definition touch screen, which displays a text translation while simultaneously interpreting your voice.

6. Lincom Language Translator Device
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Lincom Language Translator Device support 12 offline real-time translation and photo translations of over 43 languages online. It has an ultra-high translation accuracy of 99% for complicated sentences. The voice translator has a response time of fewer than 0.5 seconds powered by an MT6580 quad-core processor. The portable voice translator has a surround stereo speaker array with smart noise reduction to enable voice recognition from a distance or in a noisy environment.

7. Kansing Language Translator Device
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Kansing Language Translator Device is equipped with a Google / Microsoft translation engine that enables fast response time in less than 0.5 seconds. It broadcasts the translation in a clear voice and through displaying a text version in its 3-inch high-resolution IPS touch screen. The device can also record audio in English, Mandarin or Cantonese for up to 60mins, and export translated text to your computer.