A six-year-old boy suffered serious injuries after he was attacked by a pack of seven dogs in front of his home in Gizo, Solomon Islands, on Friday.

The unnamed boy was getting ready for school when he was attacked by the dogs near the parking lot of his home. The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital with injuries to his chest, head and thighs.

Speaking to Solomon Star Gizo, a witness said, “About seven stray dogs attacked the boy. Luckily for him, he survived the attack with injuries to his body. It was his father that quickly intervened to save the young boy.”

Recalling the incident, the victim’s father said he was preparing breakfast when his son was savaged by the dogs.

“We were in the house and I was preparing breakfast when the incident occurred. I could not hear any struggling sound from my son, and not even a barking sound outside.”

Suddenly, his eldest son started screaming following which he rushed outside to find the victim surrounded by seven dogs.

“It was my eldest son that screamed which caught my attention. So I rushed out of the house and saw the horror. It was around seven dogs that covered my son. I was shocked. Four of the dogs were barking around him, while the other three were still attacking him. They were biting his head, chest, and left thigh without letting him go.”

The father said he then started looking for objects to chase the canines away.

“I was holding on to my mobile phone at that time and that is what I used to shoot one of the dogs. The dog then escaped but the other two dogs were still attacking my son, dragging him from the parking garage down towards a cement stairs with the boy laying with his face down, unconscious and covered with blood,” he said, adding that the dogs dragged the victim a few meters.

The father managed to chase away the dogs and rushed the boy to a nearby hospital where he was being treated for the injuries.

In this image, a pack of dogs crosses a road in Kosovo's capital Pristina, April.20, 2007. Ermal Meta/AFP/Getty Images