A shocking video shared on Facebook showed a 7-month-old puppy in South Africa being abused by two pet sitters.

The video was shared by the puppy's owners on the private Facebook page of Hermanus Community News/Gemeenskaps Nuus, media outlet The South African reported. They said in the post their pet was abused while they were away from home.

“I feel obligated to warn people using this couple... as pet sitters, after very disturbing video footage that we saw of how they treated our 7-month-old boxer puppy while we were this weekend," the dog owners wrote.

The Gordon’s Bay Community page also shared screenshots of the two accused.

“These two ‘people’ were caught on camera abusing a boxer puppy. According to the owners of this victim, this was not the first or last time that it happened."

The post urged social media users to “spread the world of these two mongrel creatures.”

Many Facebook users slammed the pet sitting business, saying the animals are not safe with them.

“I’ll make sure everyone knows not to use you at all," one user wrote. Another user said that hopefully the “truth comes out and that the [couple] will be punished.” A third user described the pet-sitting business as a “horrible company making profit out of abusing puppies.”

A screenshot shared by The South African showed the pet sitters' response, in which they claim that the puppy had “snapped” at them and they believe he has “serious behavioral issues and does not listen when spoken to.”

“We have never ever had a problem like this with any dog that we have looked after until now, and it is not in our nature to hit a dog or as you wish to call it, abuse a dog,” the screenshot read.

They also added the owners were "satisfied with our services up until this incident," and expressed their anger saying it is “not okay to video our every move without or without the dog” as it amounts to an invasion of their privacy.

It remains unclear if any official complaint was filed against the pet sitters.

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