Beauty and the Beast
The new “Beauty and the Beast” trailer does a great job at emulating the original. Pictured: Dan Stevens as the Beast and Emma Watson as Belle. Walt Disney Studios

After previously releasing a teaser and photos for the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney has now released a full-length trailer and it will definitely give you flashbacks to the 1991 animated film.

Starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, the trailer gives us a good look at the characters in their world and it’s easy to see that the new film is staying faithful to the classic, something director Bill Condon has confirmed.

“[‘Beauty and the Beast’ is] so beautiful as is. The thing was translating it into this other dimension, into a new medium, really — a photo-real, live action film — and then filling it out,” Condon told Entertainment Weekly. “People do behave differently, obviously, in reality from the way they do in an animated film. So it was more about translation and expansion than reinvention, I would say.”

Check out these seven scenes that show just how close the new film looks to the original animated film:

1. Belle Walking Into The Castle

One of the first scenes in the new trailer that bares a resemblance to the original is Belle’s entrance into the castle. While Belle doesn’t say “is anyone here?” like in the first film, Watson’s Belle walks in just as timidly as her animated counterpart.

2. The Rose Petal Falling

In the original trailer, we see the Enchanted Rose lose its petal early on but in the new trailer, the iconic flower is saved for the end.

3. Belle Meets Lumière, Cogsworth And Chip

Even though the new film is live-action, characters such as Lumière the candlestick (Ewan McGregor), Chip the teacup (Nathan Mack) and Cogsworth the clock (Ian McKellen) will still be in the film.

4. Belle And The Beast Outside In The Snow

One scene in particular that features a striking resemblance is Belle and Beast outside in the snow. Watson’s Belle sports the same red dress with red cape and hood, while Beast has on his blue jacket.

5. Belle And Beast At The Top Of The Stairs

Perhaps the most famous “Beauty and the Beast” scene of all; the entrance on the staircase is shot exactly like the original. We see Belle in her yellow dress enter from the left while Beast in his blue jacket and black pants enters from the right.

6. The Angry Mob

Just like the in 1991 film, Gaston (Luke Evans) and his gang try to force their way into the castle.

7. The Pub

We also get a shot of Lefou (Josh Gad) and Gaston in the pub, along with the rest of the crew, drinking and cheering in the pub.

“Beauty and the Beast” releases in theaters on March 17, 2017.