The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami warning for the coastal areas of Alaska on Thursday evening after a magnitude 7.4 earthquake was recorded in the Pacific Ocean off Alaska.

The earthquake occurred 20 miles southeast of Amukta Pass, Alaska, and stuck at a depth of about 40 kilometers in the ocean, the United States Geological Survey said.

Earthquakes of this magnitude are known to generate tsunamis, said the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, asking residents within the warned area to be alert.

“All coastal residents in the warning area who are near the beach or in low-lying regions should move immediately inland to higher ground and away from all harbors and inlets including those sheltered directly from the sea,” it said.

The center warned that if residents are feeling the earth shake, seeing unusual wave action, or the water level rising or receding, they may have only a few minutes before the tsunami arrival and should move immediately.

The tsunami warning is in effect from Unimak Pass (80 miles NE of Dutch Harbor) to Amchitka Pass (125 miles W of Adak) in Alaska, while coastal areas of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are on the watch.

A few maps from USGS and other government agencies below demonstrate estimated tsunami arrival time, the location of the earthquake and the areas under a tsunami warning, advisory or watch status: