A couple that recently moved from Chicago to Florida has had their first uninvited guest — an 8-foot alligator — that left behind an absolute mess before being wrangled out of the house.

Karyn and Jamie Dobson said they were watching TV in their Collier County home last week when they heard a loud crash. They first thought it was caused by a car accident but eventually realized the noise came from their garage.

"The crash was so big, like wicked," Karyn said, as per WSVN.

When Jamie went to the garage, he found the reptile helping itself to the supplies they stored ahead of a big birthday bash.

"I open the garage door about a quarter way, peek my head in, and there's the alligator," he told the outlet.

"Very quickly closed the door [and said], 'Karyn, we have an alligator in our garage,' something that, coming from the Midwest, we really haven't experienced before," he added.

The couple that recently moved to the Sunshine State said it was the first time an alligator broke into their house.

"After I finished screaming, she goes, 'you've got to be kidding,'" Jamie continued.

"I said, 'come on, like what are you talking? Give me a break. You're pulling a fast one,'" the outlet quoted Karyn as saying.

The couple said the crocodile helped itself to some of the Diet Coke they bought for the party.

"We're getting ready for a party. We have cases of soda and everything else," Karyn said, as per WINK News. "There was Diet Coke spewing everywhere because the gator was interested, tore open the box, had a few cans. Probably thought it was beer, maybe. I don't know."

The Dobsons then called Trapper Ray, and the gator was moved to a safe location after leaving behind a mess for the couple to clean.

The homeowners learned the hard way that it is important to keep their garage door shut. They also admitted the intruding gator gave them quite the surprise ahead of the birthday celebration.

"People have sent me texts and emails, 'gator girl,' they have all these comments," Karyn said. "'Crikey, mate.' 'What a great birthday present, Karyn.'"

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / mko