• The British grandmother went into detail about her sex life with her 37-year-old Egyptian husband on "This Morning"
  • She flew to Egypt and married the younger man after they met on Facebook in 2019
  • The elderly woman is now trying to bring her husband to the U.K.

An 82-year-old grandmother in Somerset, England, who married an Egyptian man less than half her age revealed details about their sex life on live television.

During Wednesday's episode of the British daytime show "This Morning," Iris Jones went into detail about her sex life with 37-year-old husband Mohamed, whom she married in Egypt after they met online on Facebook in 2019, reported.

"My skin is very thin – it's like tissue," Jones, a regular on the program, told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. "Mohamed’s got to be careful when he grabs hold of me. He rips my skin. The skin on my legs is very, very thin."

"When it comes to making love, it can be painful," she explained. "I could end up at the A&E with skin rips, but we’ve solved that problem because we sometimes do it doggy fashion."

"Love hurts," added Jones, as Willoughby and Schofield laughed at the elderly woman's revelation.

Jones also discussed her ongoing battle to bring her husband to the U.K. She admitted that she spends her days upset as she cannot be reunited with Mohamed, who is currently in Egypt, according to WalesOnline. The two have been separated for nine months.

"I'm on edge. I'm missing him all the time. We're a married couple, but we're not together. It's alien," the Weston-super-Mare resident said.

The program showed Jones a video of Mohamed breaking down in tears back in Egypt as he tells her, "I miss you, I miss you."

Jones previously said that she was relying on her husband to join her in her bungalow as she has no plans to return to Egypt for a fourth time. She said that the trips so far have been very expensive and that the environment in the country is ill-suited to her health.

Jones had attracted attention in early 2020 when she revealed on "This Morning" that she and Mohamed had used an entire tube of the lubricant K-Y jelly during their first sexual encounter.

"It was pretty rough. We used a whole tube of K-Y jelly," Jones said.

"The thing is, I couldn’t walk the next day. I felt as if I’d been riding a horse. Saddle sore wasn’t even it. Anyway, we got over it," she added.

camera-1210111_1920 Representation. Iris Jones, 82, revealed on live television her sex life with her 37-year-old husband. Photo: Pixabay