Arizona State University students know how to have a good time for sure. This includes celebrating their last day of classes with the ASU Undie Run, an event during which they celebrate the end of the semester by taking off their clothes and donating them to charity. Retuers

The ushering in of a new academic year usually means an increase in textbook sales and collective grumbles among college students. But Arizona State University has seen increases in a number that school officials might not be as proud of -- student arrests.

After only two weekends, the Tempe Police Department has arrested a total of 857 people around the ASU campus, reports the Phoenix New Times. The task force responsible for the arrests focuses on alcohol-related crimes and cuffed a total of 371 students in just three days during the weekend before classes started. The following weekend after the first week of classes, the same task force rounded up 486 students in three days.

The aggressive campaign is all part of the Tempe Police Department's "Safe and Sober" initiative. The main goal of the program is to help prevent alcohol-related crimes and violence as the new year starts off for ASU students, reports KNXV-TV.

Seven other local police departments combined efforts with Tempe Police to patrol and monitor the university as well as areas around the campus. There is no official breakdown of the number of ASU students that were included in the arrest numbers. But according to the New Times, it's likely that many of those cited for underage drinking attend the university.

Well, the figures make for quite the kickoff to the new semester. And with the task force having held a third round of patrols this past weekend, it's likely the arrest numbers experienced a long weekend-assisted jump!

Below is the Tempe PD arrest breakdown for August 22-24:

- Total stops: 1,812

- Total citations: 919

- Total arrests: 486

- Arrests for minors in possession of alcohol: 208

- Total DUI arrests: 85

- Calls for loud parties: 68

- Nuisance notices: 26

- Minors, under the age of 18, in possession of alcohol: 14

- Party notices with minors in possession of alcohol: 11

- Average blood-alcohol level for DUI suspects: .136