Last week’s “9-1-1” episode was clearly a difficult one for Athena (Angela Bassett) and her family. When the show returns to Fox this week, fans will know that Athena is not the type to tolerate bullying, especially when this has affected her kids.

The synopsis for “9-1-1” Season 1, episode 4, titled “Worst Day Ever,” mentions that Athena is going to plot revenge against the group of teens who bullied her daughter May (Corinne Massiah). The synopsis doesn’t mention how Athena is going to do this, but a promo clip that was released ahead of the premiere shows the police mom confronting May’s oppressors.

Around the 2:36 mark in the video below, Athena is seen pushing Leila (Genneya Walton) while telling her, “My baby’s in the hospital because of you.” Athena then motions to handcuff Leila saying, “You’re under arrest.” In episode 3, May committed suicide because Leila and May’s former friend Georgina (Josephine Lawrence) were bullying her.

Athena panicked when she saw May unconscious on her bedroom floor last week, but she regained her composure when May was stabilized at the hospital. During her conversation with her husband Michael (Rockmond Dunbar), Athena gave a caveat, “My family is everything to me, and ain’t no trouble from the inside or even from the outside is gonna tear it apart.”

Adding to Athena’s difficult time in the previous episode was the moment when she finally came face to face with Michael’s younger boyfriend. Athena may have already started to accept the fact that her husband’s gay in the earlier episodes, but she got very mad knowing that a third-party was already coming in between her and her spouse’s relationship.

“I may wanna slap you with my left hand, but my right hand is holding you and the kids tight,” Athena set the record straight with Michael when the latter’s boyfriend showed up at the hospital. Athena is obviously frustrated with her life and mad about her husband’s infidelity, but she’s choosing to redirect her energy to the teens who bullied her daughter this week.

“9-1-1” Season 1, episode 4 airs Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.