A reality TV star has come up with a shocking claim that she has been earning around $50,000 a week by selling farts to strangers. Stephanie Matto of "90 Day Fiance" fame shared a video detailing her business and has gone viral on social media.

The 31-year-old Newyorker's video captioned "A day in the life of a girl who sells farts in a jar" has fetched more than 6.6 million views for the shocking reveal. "I made almost 50,000 selling my farts in a jar," Matto captioned her recent video that has received more than 20,000 views, New York Post reported.

After the reality TV show "90 Day Fiance" gave her international attention, Matto wrote several books and started an X-rated subscription site called "Unfiltrd."

Later, to get the wider attention of people, she turned into a new business venture motivated by fortune. Matto also feels that her experience with her adult subscription site helped her understand the different types of niches and markets out there. "I also thought it'd be a hilarious publicity move that would get a lot of people's attention," she said, as reported news outlet Joe.

Matto claims she follows a "pretty strict diet" for her business and this includes beans, protein muffins, yogurts, hard-boiled eggs and sometimes protein shakes. On cheat days, she says she makes sure she indulges in specific types of foods that will make her gassier. The reality TV star collects her flatulence in a glass jar, adds flower petals to it as she believes it will help absorb the scent, and makes it “last longer." The glass jars are then mailed to the interested buyer at a "heavily discounted" price of $1,000 per jar along with a personalized note from her, Matto says in the video.

To the people who are wondering who would be spending money on the fart perfume, she says her customers are “those that like collecting oddities and are either fans of me or the show.”

“I think I’ve really tapped into a huge market, and there seems to be endless potential,” she adds.