Fans were left appalled when “90 Day Fiancé” star Tom Brooks made a rude comment to his ex-girlfriend Darcey Silva when the two met up to have a final conversation before going their separate ways.

During the “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” episode, Darcey learned Tom began seeing a new woman before they officially ended their relationship. Although the conversation was tense from the beginning, things took a turn when Tom asked Darcey if she gained weight.

The comment resulted in Darcey ending their conversation and walking out of their sit down. Once Tom realized he made a mistake by making the comment, he attempted to fix things by apologizing and writing a letter. However, Darcey suspected Tom wasn’t being sincere and her twin sister Stacey tore up the letter.

Earlier this month, Tom shared what he wrote in the letter that Darcey never got a chance to read. Although he claimed he enjoyed their time together, Tom appeared to hint that her heartbreak over her ex Jesse Meester created issues in their relationship.

“Hello Darcey, I hope this note finds you well. Admittedly, sometimes I’m not the best at expressing myself in person so I thought that I’d sit and pen this letter to you instead. First of all, I wanted to tell you I do think you’re a wonderful woman,” he wrote.

“You are a kind and loving mother to your amazing daughters and I have the utmost respect for that. You have a sensitive heart and I feel that in fact you are genuinely searching for love and you have a deeply good heart and I don’t want to contribute to that.”

Tom went on to claim that Darcey was too focused on her heartbreak from her past with Jesse and allowed it to ruin their relationship.

“That being said I do have some genuine concerns. I feel you are wrapped up in your past relationship and you carry those burdens in your heart. To be fair, I’ve shouldered a lot and I felt at times I was a lifeline,” he said.

“To repeatedly hear about your heartache and your suffering with your ex while you were inconsolably crying has taken quite a toll on me and has become quite a strain on this new relationship that we have. But at the end of the day and at the very least we can hopefully salvage what we once started with a good, solid friendship, sincerely Tom.”

Since sharing the letter, Darcey hasn’t addressed Tom’s message publicly.

Darcey’s relationship will be featured on “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” Season 4. TLC