Smoke pours from the twin towers of the World Trade Center after they were hit by two hijacked airliners in a terrorist attack in New York City, Sept. 11, 2001. Getty Images/ Robert Giroux

Tuesday marks the 17th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, when a series of coordinated attacks killed almost 3,000 people and left more than 6,000 injured. The National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City will host a memorial ceremony to commemorate the day’s tragic events and pay respect to the family members of those who lost their lives.

A live stream of the memorial will be broadcasted on the museum’s website. To watch, click here.

The ceremony will begin at 8:46 a.m. EDT, at the 9/11 Memorial Plaza at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan. During Tuesday’s ceremony, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum will be accessible to only the family members of the victims of the 2001 and 1993 attacks. It will be closed to the public.

The public can view the world-renowned public art piece Tribute in Light from the 9/11 Memorial. The lights will be on beginning at sunset on Sept. 11 and will fade away at dawn on Sept. 12. The Memorial Plaza will be open to the public from 3 p.m. to midnight, according to the museum website.

More than a dozen Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airplanes for carrying out the suicide attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Two of the planes targeted the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City, the third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump plan to join an observance at the memorial in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where a new "Tower of Voices" was dedicated Saturday.